Monday, December 29, 2008


Well, this is for everyone that doesn´t already know....and you guys who already know a little.

Well, i lied to you guys. I don´t have a Dominican comp. He was moved to the other side of the island in La Romana, which is where my real comp just came from. His name´s elder Parkinson and he´s from California, San Diego part. He has 16 months out, where as I only have four...tomorrow I´ll hit 5. Yeah!. Anyway, things are going good here in Villa Mella. It´s alot different than Boca Chica. There´s some really rich places, it´s really hilly ( you can actually see mountains, whereas in Boca Chica it was the ocean ). One street is really really busy, and on top of it is the new metro they put in. We still haven´t taken a ride on it...but luckily it´s free. It takes you straight to the capital. Well, we still haven´t found the houses of our investigators, but we´ve met a lot of members. They seem way willing to come and help us. We´ve got some really good young guys that help us too. Our first day here we got to the house at like 3, and right then the mini missionary took us out to a few peoples houses. Then the next day we went to check out the church, and a girl calls us, we didn´t know who it was. Well we leave, and she finds us, it turns out she´s a member and was going to show us around the area. She shows us a few houses, then leaves us at a guy´s house (Bryan), and he shows around, then he drops us off at Wilfry´s house, and he shows us around. It was crazy. One day we tried to find our way back to someone´s house....we got soooo lost for a little bit. It didn´t help that it was night time either. The worst part was it took us an hour before we found the house....and we walked right past it within the first 15 minutes of walking. It´s rained everyday here too. Oh, and one morning we had someone call us in the turned out that they were confirming their time to have their baptismal interview! We had no clue that we had a baptism. But everything went good, and we had it. We couldn´t find the plug for the baptismal font, so we made our own out of a little plastic paint container (there wasn´t any paint in there...we were smart enough to wash it out) full of rocks wrapped in a plastic bag....but when we got there for the baptism, it had floated up! Buy by some miracle though the font was OVER full. Crazy. And we taught an english class. The oldest kid there was like 11, and the youngest was six. Luckily they were all quiet, paid attention, and took notes. It was amazing. We also had to teach another class in church and the secretary flipped a coin to see who would give a comp won the toss (which meant he had to give the talk). It was the first time he´s ever won (we always flip a coin to see what we´ll do and stuff). Oh, and i saw some kids that made their own little gymnastics spring board thing to do flips and stuff. It was sooo cool. They were pretty good too. I wanted to try it so bad. It was a tire with a couch cushion under it, all on top of a little ramp so they could start out with a little bit of air. And it´s really nice to have a real store with stuff you need in it. Well, it´s not even quite as good as wal-mart, but for here it´s amazing! Well, if I think of more I will write it, but for now that´s it.

Elder Sherwood.

Addendum . . . . .

Well, you asked me what was the craziest thing that I've ever done . . . . well, the next day I found out. So we were in the house during lunch time (this is the 26th just so you aren't confused). Well, we left to go out and teach and stuff, and as we were leaving I felt like I should've asked my comp if he had the keys. Well, I didn't. Then, as I was locking the door and was shutting it, I felt like I shouldn't. Well, once again, I didn't listen. And as I was slamming it shut (you can't close it without slamming it) my comp was like NOOOOO! BAM! What? (I ask). I don't have the keys. Crap. And we had to open the church and everything that night (for our baptism) so we had to have the keys. So, I shouldn't have, but I did. We got on the roof of our 4 story apartment building, and I climbed down. Yeah, it wasn't smart, especially since it had just rained. But I did it anyway. I almost fell too. I don't know how I made it, but I did. I was stuck for the longest time (the ledge I was on was only big enough for one of my feet). I couldn't go down because I didn't have anything to hold on to. I was just hoping that I could make it. Then I saw our window and I flipped it open (the windows aren't the same, they are like blinds. they tilt. And they are glass). My hand could barely fit through the tow panels, but I grabbed the wall and made it. Barely. But we got the keys. that's all that matters right. But i don't plan on doing that again . . . . well, not at least on my mission. Well, until next week.

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