Monday, January 5, 2009

More News

Well, not much happened this week, so it´s a good thing that you asked alot of questions. Well, Elder Parkinson is alot like me. Quite, relaxed. But yes, we are working. We´ve been looking for people, but we haven´t found anyone just outstanding yet. We´ve actually found some of the old investigators....they aren´t that much better than our contacts. So....I don´t know what we´re going to do for now. We actually do have a baptism this week though...but it is an 11 year old kid that just wasn´t baptized when he was 8. He´s way smart and really is interested in learning all he can. It´s pretty cool. And no, we haven´t ridden the metro yet, but we will Wednesday because we have to go into the capital for zone conference, which I´m really looking forward to...i´ll get to see alot of people I haven´t seen in a few months. That´ll be cool. In this area we don´t have bikes. And yes, bikes just stay in the same areas. Our area is too muddy and hilly, and the good streets are way too crowded with cars and motores (motorcylcles). So yeah, it takes forever to get anywhere. I heard through E. Hansen who heard from E. Robison (my brother in the mission) who heard from an AP, who heard from E. Merrell that Guillermo and Niña got baptized. Di que (supposedly). I´m not sure, but I´ll find out for sure at zone conference. That was way exciting to hear.
Oh, and this ward is about 300 members (not even 100 just got split a month or two ago). Boca Chica (which just became a ward a little after I started) Has 500 members, 200 active. But the leadership here is really, really strong, and they are really motivated to help us find more people....I´m sure you can imagine why. And about the package, I don´t know if it was enough, because they haven´t taken it off yet....but don´t worry too much. I have 10, 000 pesos when i should have about 3,000. We get 7,000 more in 10 days. So don´t worry too much about that. So I guess you haven´t sent that package, in that case, can you send me another copy of my patriarchal blessing and a watch. Thanks, well, until next week. And no, my comp didn´t say anything when i did it. he was pretty stunned.

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