Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Crazy Experience

Well this was a pretty good week. We had area conference this was really really good. The priesthood session was question and answer, there were some pretty weird questions, but for the most part it was good. It was broadcasted from Jamaica and President Eyring, Elder Bednar, President Johnson (area president), and President Anderson (presidency of 70) were all there. Sister Allred was there two. It was cool that a couple of them recorded their talks in spanish instead of having translators do it. But Elder Bednar´s talk was really was about testimony and conversion. One of the elders was asking questions about the difference between them just the day before, so we were all thinking about it, and then what do you know, Elder Bednar tells us. (by the way, i was right). Anyway, Luisa and Perla both had their interviews, everything´s good. Oh, and we had 10 investigators (all 6 of our fechas went) that went to church, so that was exciting. What else. Oh, one night we were over at Perla´s house teaching everyone and then right at the end a guy ran in the house and was quickly followed by a guy with a machete. The one guy went and tried to hide while the other one was trying to kill him. Then two other guys with knives came in. They got the one guy to calm down and go outside and wait for the other to come out. But alot of stuff got broken, but luckily nobody was hurt...well not that bad anyway (I don´t know about after the guy ran out the back door though). But it was crazy. Really crazy. Ummmmm. Oh, we found an inactive Haitian lady, she´s way cool. And some of the people that she lives with aren´t members, but they don´t know spanish very well. So we watched The Restoration in French (the first time i´ve seen it in the field) and we´ve also had the inactive lady translate (into Creole) for us. They both came to church for the conference too. So that was really cool. I actually understood parts of it. I´ve wanted to learn more creole and french before, but now i really want to learn it. my comp has some creole cd´s, but neither of us have a cd that doesn´t help.

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