Monday, January 19, 2009

Zone Conference, etc.

Actually now that I think about it, I´m going to send my emails in parts so I won´t lose everything. So I´ll send this part now. Yeah, I answere all of those questions plus some. It made me mad when the power went out, and that the computer lost the email (I had just copied it and was about to push send). Anyway, the metro was closed, but zone conference was good. I got to see a lot of people I haven´t seen in a while, Elder Gregson, King, Lowe, Sheridan (all from my group). I was really excited to see the first two, and they were excited to me. The whole mission (well it seems like) all know about me and Elder merrell being comps, and they all asked about it. I don´t know why that was a big question. Anyway, Guillermo and Niña did get baptized, and so did Hna. Mendoza. We have 6 more baptisms coming up too. 4 of them AFTER transfers, which is kind of scary, but since we white washed the area AND since we are having success we probably won´t go anywhere...but nothing is certain in the mission. One is the lady in the apartments, Luisa. Another is a girl (part of her family are members...and the weird thing was is that they were baptized by someone in my the west mission. that was cool to find out). Two of them are the mendoza´s kids, and the other two are sisters in a part member family. They had fechas when we got here, but we couldn´t ever find them....until now. Well, English class had a lot of people again....but President Johnson (Area President of the Caribe) was there in the room we normally have it in. So all the kids kept running in there and interrupting their training meeting. He came to our sacrament meeting on sunday too. It was waaaay bad. When we started, there wasn´t even 20 people there ( one investigator...but she´s crazy), by the time E. Johnson got up to talk there was 93 people there (9 investigators). He talked to them about getting to meetings on time. don´t leave at ten to get to a meeting that starts at ten. That was the biggest thing he stressed. You´re supposed to be there AT ten. Good thing we were way early, nicely dressed and greeting people. He came up behind us and scared us, well, it made me jump. This is the 3rd meeting I´ve been at that he´s there too. He always asks me Where are you from elder. When i tell him arkansas he just says, oh....and then asks the next person, and then asks what part, oh, I know somebody....etc. Oh, and we eat out everyday, but i still have a ton of money. Oh it´s sooooo good. We always get ice cream and batidas (like a shake). so good.

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