Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Lost Email :( But Pictures! :)

Well, I wrote a huge thirty-minute email . . . . . but the power went out for a second . . . . and my computer was the only one without a backup battery. So I lost everything. I’ll explain the building in a written letter. Well, the most important thing is that we have had so much success. We have already had two baptisms. Then we’ve had a couple of people come to us (they probably won’t get baptized until next transfer . . . . it is actually two couples, in one of them the girl is a member, and in the other, the girl’s family are strong members (bishopric, other callings)). Other missionaries also found a lady for us. She was visiting her member son, and they talked to her, gave us all her information. She lives in this huge apartment complex. A little background – In the beginning of the transfer, we found a piece of paper with an address on it, and by a miracle we found it . . . that was at the very beginning of the transfer. At that time I thought since it was all chance and miracle that the lady would’ve been good. She wasn’t. Then I thought we would have good contacts. Nope. Ok, now back in present. So when we got that reference, we knew exactly where she lived. That was good. And she really wants to get baptized. So something good has finally come from that miracle of finding that one random address. Anyway, but the greatest thing is that on Sunday, the bishop came up to us and was like, “Hey, Hna. Mendoza (the wife of the 1st counselor) wants to get baptized now. I resolved all her doubts. She’s going to get baptized on Thursday, should I announce it?” We were like “YES, announce it.” She knows everything, we’ve taught her once, she knew all the information, but had some doubt (she wouldn’t tell us, but somehow the bishop got to her . . . . ) Her husband was baptized 4 years ago. Like two weeks ago, Hno. Mendoza said she would get baptized this month . . . . we didn’t believe it, but he was right. Well, I’ve got to go.

P.S. Oh yeah, and Sacrament attendance has double since our first week here. Alot of the inactives we have visited came. That was cool.

Stephen also sent some pictures, with these captions:

Our random baptism our first week, Yoanna (Joanna)

And Hender. He's way active and his brother too, but their mom is less active; she goes every once in a while.


Valerie said...

They make Stephen look SO tall!

Angela said...

i know! That is exactly what I was thinking!